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Welcome to Mangalore Orthodontic Study Group
We are a group of Orthodontists in the Mangalore region dedicated to Excellence, Professionalism, and continuing Education in the Orthodontic arena. MOSG was Founded on 16th of November 2007 with a focus on offering a range of opportunities including seminars, lectures, hands-on training courses, and other regional professional gatherings.

                MOSG was an initiative of Senior Orthodontists, former IOS presidents Dr. Akhter Husain, Dr. Surendra Shetty and Dr. Krishna Nayak.

                MOSG was recognized by Indian Orthodontic Society in 2009, with an
The objectives of the study group

Section1: To promote, maintain and improve the quality of Orthodontic treatment provided to the people of the Mangalore.

Section2: To broaden the intellectual scope of study club members through the use and presentation of review of Orthodontic meetings by attending study club members, through diagnostic round table exchanges, through periodic presentation of finished case reports by each member, and through formulation and presentation of selected group study-projects and lectures.
Section3: To provide an organizational framework through which new Orthodontists in the state of Mangalore can be absorbed into Orthodontic study club activities and provide continuing education.
Section4: To promote and maintain professional liaison between members of the specialty of Orthodontics, and with other related fields.
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